Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Animal Secrets Are on Their Way

August 15 is a date to celebrate. New Animal Secrets Revealed! books will be available both in library binding and paperback formats. Here is one of the covers hinting at the topic of one of the five chapters; birds are smart. 

We have heard of Alex the parrot, and some of you probably read Stephanie Spinner’s book. We have all heard of crows' amazing abilities to solve problems. Animal Secrets books dig on recent scientists’ investigations to discover what is so special in some birds’ brains that helps them solve problems or learn skills we thought they could not.

I have also updated my website, and I hope you will visit to peek at the book covers of the other books in the series. They all include a hands-on activity connected to the topic of one of the chapters.  I had a lot of fun researching and writing these books. I hope children enjoy reading them!