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In The Secret of the Scuba Diving Spider, and More book, scuba diving spiders, whistling caterpillars, jamming bats, zombie beetles, and speedy, squeezable cockroaches each reveal a secret that makes them survivors in their natural world.
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Now, The Secret of the Scuba Diving Spider, and More free teacher guide connects the book to Common Core State Standards – Anchor Standards (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), as well as Next Generation Science Standards. 

Together, book and guide empower teachers to communicate scientific concepts with simple yet detailed language, while engaging students in reading and writing about the wonders of nature. And the video, also available in the teacher guide, grabs your attention as you marvel at this one-of-a-kind spider.

No bigger that your thumbnail, the scuba diving spider triggered the curiosity of scientist Roger Seymour since he was a young boy. At 10 years old, he read Erna Pinner’s book, Curious Creatures.  He told me, “One of the chapters described the diving bell spider that lived in ponds in Europe. I imagined what it would be like to live inside an underwater bubble.” That image remained in Seymour’s mind until he became a scientist and studied the spider’s secret.
Seymour teamed with scientist Stefan Hetz and together they made a home for the spiders in aquariums in the lab, and observed and measured their activities. They discovered how the spiders achieve this unique and quiet lifestyle. It has worked well for the spiders; it allows them to remain out of sight from predators, trap food, and create an underwater home for them to grow and have a family.
The spider, too, has an amazing name, Argyroneta aquatica, which means “aquatic spinner of silver.”

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