Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"SECRET OF THE BLOODY HIPPO...AND MORE!" receives an outstanding review!

I begin my first post with a celebration. SIMPLY SCIENCE blog has given "SECRET OF THE BLOODY HIPPO...AND MORE!" high praise. Thank you, SIMPLY SCIENCE! This book is one of six in the Animal Secrets Revealed Series! each book presents five "secrets" or amazing animal adaptations, such as why the hippo's skin looks pink-red, what's the lion's mane for, how horses cool their brains, or what makes the chameleon's tongue so powerful. To discover each of the secrets, readers tag along with scentists as they plan and execute the experiments and delight us with anecdotes. For example, the chameleon's scientist had a good laugh when a chameleon shot its sticky tongue at his nose. It took a while until the chameleon released him! The books are illustrated with color photos, most of them courtesy of the scientists I interviewed. I added short sidebars, activities, a bibliography, and a list of websites with more information. I invite you to listen to my interview in BlogTalk Radio, check The Animal Secrets Revealed Series! in my publisher's page and my page in Cheers! and I'll see you August 22nd when I'll host Nonfiction Monday. I hope to see you then!


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    Loree Burns

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    Ana Maria Rodriguez

  3. Thanks for hosting.

    My selection is "The adventures of Marco Polo" by Russell Freedman with illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline.