Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Secrets Are Out in Nonfiction Monday!

Following today's theme for Nonfiction Monday, I present an old jewel. Old, yes; outdated and boring, never! "Secrets of Animal Survival", a Book for World Explorers by National Geographic Society was released in 1983, but don't be too quick to dismiss this book because of age. It covers animal adaptations in the Polar Regions, deserts, rain forests, savannas, and mountains with focus on the basics plus cool details (secrets) all young readers will love to find out. What I like the most about this book is the illustrations. It has a load of color photos, sometimes three or four per page. It has full page color diagrams and smaller maps. One of my favorites is the cutaway of a bromeliad plant on page 59 showing trapped rainwater and the whole micro-ecosystem living inside this environment: frogs, spiders, tadpoles, mosquitos, and slugs. It's a great example of life systems in miniature. Turn to page 7 to witness what not many people have laid eyes on: a polar bear mom with her cubs sleeping inside their den under the snow. Check out desert travelers ( of various deserts), treetop life of the rain forest, helpful disguises, giants with tusks, grounded birds, animals built for speed, long-legged runners, termites, gliders and mountaineers. There are no hands-on activities, but there is a long list of additional reading. I just can't take my eyes of the amazing animal photos! For more literary treats, visit Wrapped in Foil, today's Nonfiction Monday host.
"Secrets of Animal Survival", a Book for World Explorers by National Geographic Society, 1983, ISBN: 0-87044-431-X


  1. This looks and sounds like a great book. National Geographic never fails to produce excellent nature stories. Thanks for featuring this here.

  2. You know, many of these older books do deserve a second look, especially these days when it is so much easier to find used copies online.

  3. Great books, with content still useful and at a good prize? I think it's a good combination! I love new publications, but I believe educators can present their classes well with a combination of older and newer materials. I'll have a newer book next time. :-)

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    Thank you.
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    PS. I agree with you about National Geographic books and their longevity. And always beautiful, too.