Thursday, October 20, 2011

Secret of the Sleepless Whales…and More!

Welcome to S.T.E.M. Friday! Get ready to tag along with marine scientists and see what they see, follow their experiments, and uncover the secrets of deep-sea mammals.
Ah, the deepest seas … They are still a mysterious place full of surprises. Every time a scientific expedition returns home, it brings new animals and plants, and amazing stories of how those creatures have adapted to their constantly changing environment. In “Secret of the Sleepless Whales…and More”, readers, scientists, and their animal partners embark on an exciting adventure that will reveal some of the secrets of dolphins, killer whales, harbor seals, and Weddell seals. You will find out what killer whale Kasatka and her calf Nakai “don’t do” to survive the first weeks after the baby is born. Popolo the dolphin will reveal to scientists and readers how he manages to dive for long periods of time. Henry the harbor seal will show you why murky, dark waters are no problem for him to find a meal and Weddell seals will flush out a nice fish for you! With research color photos, a hands-on activity, and enough references to satisfy eager-for-more readers, “Secret of the Sleepless Whales…and More” will bring you closer to the mysterious ocean. I invite you to visit my website to find more secrets revealed in this series of books: Animal Secrets Revealed!

“Secret of the Sleepless Whales…and More,” Enslow, 200, ISBN: 978-0-7660-2957-6

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  1. Good Morning,

    Thank you for leaving your link at STEM Friday this morning. The "Animal Secrets Revealed" is such a great series.

  2. This sounds like a super book for my niece. She loves to read anything that has to do with science and is fascinated by marine biology. Thanks for the post.

  3. It's my pleasure, Roberta. I am glad to be part of STEM Friday at your blog.

  4. Cheers to your niece, Lee! A budding scientist? We need them. I just visited your website and the home page is very appealing. I love the old book spines leaning on each other... When will "The Thief" be released? (No pun intended :-) )