Monday, October 3, 2011

Tales from the West Coast

They are enthralling, true, and well told. From record-breaking tea clippers, to rum runners and sea monsters, life on the west coast has never been dull. Tales from the West Coast is rich in seafaring legend and adventure, and will take you on a voyage of discovery into the past and around the world, alongside smugglers, sea monsters, and unusual adventurers. They are a portal to the history and culture of the West Coast.
Cady might not be as popular as the Loch Ness creature, but it's equally fascinating: "Toward the tail it appeared serrated,...with something moving flail-like at the extreme end. The movements were like those of a crocodile. Around the head appeared a sort of mane, which drifted around the body like kelp."

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Tales from the West Coast, Adrienne Mason, 2003, Altitude Publishing.

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  1. Interesting. It appears as if it contains pictures though rather than illustrations?

  2. That's correct, Myra. It is illustrated with B&W photos. I wish it had more, though.